“But I love him!” ☆

It’s not about LOVE, the Goddess said. It’s about your soul evolution.

Souls have to do their personal growth work before they can come together for their collective mission.It doesn’t matter that you recognize him now.

You’ll stay STAR-CROSSED Lovers until you’ve done enough work on your OWN soul.Don’t push it ☥

✫ ॐ✫
the Goddess opens her arms to reveal the cosmos,to show me that we are all connected.

Between her arms forms a golden colored grid,like a spider’s web or a honeycomb.

This is the network that humans call “G.O.D.”But you can call it the Generating, Organizing, and Destroying system of the Universe.

☆You are here.(She points to a spot on the grid map.)

☆He is there.(She points to another spot on the map.)

☆And all these people need to be affected by your journey,before you two can merge with each other.

It may not be this lifetime.
How fast you do your soul missions is up to ME – and up to YOU, both.
Frustrated, I cross my arms and bitterly hug my heart.The Goddess holds me tight.

“Sister!A lifetime is simply a passing phase. A blip in the infinite time continuum.

You yourself are infinite!Whether you two connect in this life is not the point.

Your ideal of “love” is a human illusion that you have to work with.In truth, love is all around you.

It is in the breeze. It is in the trees.It is in your mother, father, sister, brother, friends and relatives.

It is in as many beloveds as you choose to be intimate with in this life.Don’t rush the twin flame.

Let ME be in charge of that timeline.
Take a breath and go deep inside.
Everything you need is in your belly.”


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