I had a dream last night that Kali was dancing with her many arms,
spinning her web like a Spider.🕸️

I’ve never linked Spider Medicine with Goddess Kali’s mysteries.
But! They seem to go hand in hand.

Like the spider, Kali is hard to look at.
With her bloody fangs and many arms, Kali is the destroyer of illusion.
And the spider is known in shamanic traditions as an ancient symbol of power, mystery and growth.
~~ 🕸️

Kali, as a spider, reminds us that we weave the web of our own lives.

This web is woven based on our beliefs…
including illusionary beliefs that we choose to incorporate into our environment.

Kali is the destroy of illusions!
And our modern age is filled with illusions.

Most of them stem from other’s people’s fears,
which lead to us feeling manipulated and controlled by others–
in the name of safety, love, or healing.

What have you been believing in that caused you to weave your web with illusions?

Are you trapping yourself in your own web?
Are you sucking the life out of yourself?

It doesn’t matter if other people are choosing to weave these illusions into their web,
This is your life and it’s time to KALI-CHOP the illusions out of your story.

~~ 🕸️
So, I guess….Since I’m the one who dreamed about it –
It’s time to chop illusions out of mine <3


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