Dearest beloved,
You have two choices.

You can either choose to believe in Magick.
Or you can let me go.

A conversation with me is like taking the red pill or the blue pill.

When you make love to me I am healing your mother wounds and destroying your fears which lead to separation.

When you talk business with me, I am ensuring the concept is aligned with your soul purpose.
Then Musing you into your God self.

When you dance with me, you remember you have wings.

When you do art with me, you realize there are no boxes.

When you share yourself with me, I see deeper into you – than you can see into yourself.

Wherever your shadows are, i will reflect them back to you.

if you let me, we will work on them together.

If you don’t believe in Magick.

Then I will make you very uncomfortable.

The Red pill isn’t easy.

It’s purpose is to destroy illusions to make way for more pleasure.

You can either take the roller coaster ride to shift your lens to rose colored glasses.

Or, take the blue pill and everything stays the same.

My orders to connect with you come from a contract beyond me.
When we begin is your choice.

Just remember, disconnection is a lie.
Our mutual Healing will heal the collective universe.
As long as my soul tells me we have work to do.
I’ll be waiting.


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