My daughter remember,

Every time you feel ashamed of your body

Know that the seed of creation lives within you.

Your womb reflects the waxing and waning of the moon.

Your breasts shine the brightness of your heart like the sun. 

Your belly contains the entire cosmos~

so we may remember that we are all connected. 

You are designed to be a reflection of the Earth.

Your curves are my rivers.

Your breasts are my mountains.

Your arms are my branches.

Your belly is my fertile plains. 

& your vulva is where the seed of creation births into life. 

You are the vehicle in which the stars find their human form. 

You are the channel between this world and the multidimensional planes.

You are the most beautiful creature that the sun and the moon has ever created.

You are beyond the imprinting that society projects on to you. 

Go now,

And show them who you are.

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