WHERE are those who remember sexual union as alchemical transformation?

I want to embody Tantra the way I know it in my bones!

My HERstory:

I joined the “Tantra” community in 2008.
I had experienced a spiritual awakening initiated by Shakti and Siva themselves (really!)

And I was given the gift of a sexual, spiritual sight that catapulted me into the inner circle of “Tantric” educators.

The sight included:
– the ability to see sexual energy grids —
in the body, and outside of the body

I could also access the ways spiritual sexuality was utilized in different traditions and cultures.

I remembered the ways of Inanna and Lilith in Mesopotamia, Sehkmet & Isis in Egypt, Siva and Shakti in India…

And! Let’s just say….
That as I spent time with the Tantric community in our western world.

I was surrounded by perversions.
Lead educators were predators
& manipulated new seekers into intercourse.

Female educators were often disconnected from their own body power~~

but taught as if they are connected.

And I was told that~~
Wounding is the main reason why people become Tantric Educators.
(A wounding that they never heals….)

But I’ve been looking for the strength of the Priestesses!

Fast forward to starting OurRedTent.com years ago.
When I decided that we needed to empower women, before they enter these so-called Tantric play pens.

And we did a great job educating that Sex is connected to more than “monogamy and polymory”

We did our shadow work, we embraced our emotions, we understood our family lineage’s Sexual traumas as it is running through our blood.

We gave our menstrual blood to the earth and gazed at the moon, to understand the grid that’s connects us to each other…..
As we are infinitely connected to something greater than ourselves.

We learned the ways of the Devadasis- the ancient Temple Dancers. The Tantrikas. The Sex Priestesses of inanna in Mesopotamia, and Sehkmet in Egypt. We remembered the lineage of isis.
We celebrated the Nymphs!

We identified what a predator is! And learned how to bring all people back to their hearts.

Now, I’ve transitioned to a new phase of my life.

I’m married. In a closed sexual container for the means of sexual alchemy.

And I am desiring to meet other people willing to go to this place.

We call it an “all chakra” Tantra.

Which means, if you desire to transform through union, you must commit to working through each one of your layers. Opening everything from root to crown.

Exposing Trauma is inevitable. And the discomfort is part of the journey to your new home.

But! There is also an incredible joy! A play! An understanding of our own sexual life force and the pleasures in it!!

It’s the reclaiming of our own bodies~~
in a “Whole-y-er” way!


I want to form a “Pleasure Coven” with WOMEN in serious relationships, to work through blocks and dance in our sexual life force together. We need to come back to sexual innocence!

I want to form an “Intimacy Coven” for couples to meet, to share their stories and enjoy moving forward together.
(I have a plan for how we do this! )

I want to return the sexual energy current on this planet back to its rightful purity!!!
(Which is a trigger word for most people)

I am tired of people telling me “the way things are— is just the way it is.”


with that….

FaeTerra is starting events in person and online.

If what I said here resonates with you,
Join us!

Where are you in your romantic relationship?
How can we support each other?

Let’s BE the CHANGE!


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