A kiss

On my left cheek to wake me up in the morning

His hand brushes my breast as he pulls back the hair around my ear

He gazes soft upon my face

And I smile

Though my eyes are closed. I am gazing back at him.

He snuggles into my body and he puts his head upon my chest.

I feel his fingers twiddle my nipple, like a child preparing for milk.

I turn and kiss the top of his head and smell the scent of his hair.

He places his hand on my belly. To honor me as his beloved.

My leg wraps around his body to bring him closer.

We cocoon in the subtle energetic love making
that we have created by breath and heart beat.

We are children, soul mates, best friends.
Feral animals in a cave.
Angels wrapped in each other’s wings.

I kiss his hand.
He kisses my heart.

This is what sex looks like, without penetration.


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