Reprogramming our Genitals ♀♂

Imagine that the penis is just a body part.
like your leg.
There is no shame around it.
There’s no need to hide it.
When it becomes aroused in public, it’s viewed as a normal body function.

Now Imagine that the vulva is just a body part.
Much like your elbow.
There’s no taboo around it.
We accept our body functions
and there is no fear around it being shown.

That pleasure is good for you!
These body parts, when expressed, provide immense pleasure!
And that is celebrated!


Now Remember,

That for 1,000s of years society has been told to control our sexual impulses.
And the church told people to control their pleasure.

You see,
when the church controls pleasure, people feel shame around their desires.
And if they feel shame around their desires, they repent.

When people repent, they are weak.
And they are even easier to control.

What I’m saying is…
What you believe about your body,
is what someone else told you–
So they can have control over you.


Take a moment to evaluate everything you’ve been told in regard to romantic connection.

Including any “sexual sharing is dirty” dogma or “slut shaming” imprinting.

There is a place you will get to, where you realize your body is not dangerous.
Just come from your heart.

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