I can hear the Goddess Isis CRYING.
Because the truth is, she can’t put Osiris back together.

No hero’s journey begins and ends with another fixing him.

But she wants to.
She wants to wrap him with her golden wings. She wants to feed him with her breast milk.
That’s how they say she resurrected him.

But the myths were written down wrong!

She cannot refashion his Lingam from wax.

Because his shaft is HIS direction in the world.
It is HIS quest and it is hard won.

When his brother Set murdered him,
pieces of Osiris were scattered everywhere.

But No GOD can die.
He was only lost. His ego shattered.

Isis did magick in that moment.

She spoke to Osiris in the invisible realms. She sent him courage and reminded him of his strength.

Then Osiris began to seek the missing pieces of his own body. He sewed together the fractured parts of his soul.

The only thing Isis did for Osiris ~
was kiss his shaft. She blessed it.

And then Osiris ROSE


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