My Journey from Jewish American Princess ~ to Pagan Priestess ☥

I’m sitting next to my mother on a train ride from Boston, Massachusetts to New York City.

I was born in New York City and went to college at Boston University.

My mother is a J.A.P. That’s a short hand term for “Jewish American Princess.” Which makes me a JAP, by default~ since I was raised under this value system.

My father is an Orthopedic Surgeon. My mother plays tennis, shops at Neiman Marcus and always made sure I got “A”s.

I lived a pretty sheltered life.
I learned my value is in what I wear, how much money I have, how pretty I am, and that I should always wear a Jewish star necklace to attract a nice Jewish man to marry.

I thought my mother was going to have a heart attack when I dyed my hair pink.

But I am surprised to learn that I’ve broken my parents of caring too much — after everything i did in my 20s.

╰დ╮<3╭დ ╯.•*¨*`•.Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

“Don’t Shoot the Messenger”

You can’t control Spiritual Awakening.
It’s not a choice.

One day my Shakti-Kundalini activated and i went through years of psychosis,
transcendental experiences,
multi-dimensional understandings,
and was visited by teachers from various realities.

I was given gifts that can’t be learned in one life time.
So- my being has to expand through infinite time frames.

I can chart the past, present and future – based on how I’m meant to be in HER service.


I didn’t wake up and fully differentiate from the world.
It was more like- a “walk-in” experience.

My spirit understood the infinite, but I still had to navigate my childhood wounds.

My 20s was about exploration.
I needed to purge everything I’ve been taught, and cleanse myself of societal indoctrination.

I needed to move away from people who follow the rules, to find people who cannot see rules.

Rules are simply someone else’s reality, imposed on my dream.

And I’m the dreamer here!


I chose to become Magick.
Pagan principles resonate with me.

I believe we are a reflection of the earth and it’s rhythms and cycles.

I believe my body is a temple, and it’s my preferred pathway to divinity.

I live by PRIMAL principles.
And the primal is that which we are, before we are told how to be.

I’m an animal. I am spirit. I am a force of nature.

I am sex. I am blood. I am emotion. I am art. I am dance. I am fear. I am ecstatic bliss.

I am whatever comes out of me, naturally–
without the need to cover it up.

“Why are you trying to fit in, when you were born to stand out?”

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