Magick My First Childrens Story.

The Little Boy sat on his grandpa’s lap

His grandpa loved to read him stories.

Stories about Giants, Fairies, Mystical Lands and Magickal people.

And after each story,
his grandpa kissed him on his head and said~


O! The Little boy LOVED his grandpa’s stories

But as the little boy got older
he began to doubt his grandpa’s wisdom.

The boy had never seen
a Fairy.
Or a giant.
If he had never seen it, how can Magic be REAL?

So one day, after his grandpa finished reading to him,
The little boy asked

“GRANDPA, why haven’t i seen magical things?
“If I haven’t seen them, how can they be true?”

His grandpa laughed,

And said to the boy-

“Magick only exists when you believe in it. Otherwise magic is INVISIBLE”

You need to CHOOSE to believe in magic.

one day!

You will SEE
The magical world of

Secret societies of BEES
Hard working GNOMES
and Sneaky FAIRIES

LIVING amongst us

Within us!!!!

And guess what?
We are MAGICK too!

When we believe we are. 🙂

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