So you want to be a Sex Priestess?

First of all, it’s not a choice. It’s a calling. It’s a knowing that you feel, from your toes to the tip of your nose.

A knowing that love-making is the altar in which you pray.
It is the portal between the worlds and the access point to linking Man with God.

You, sister, are the portal between the worlds. Both the door and the gatekeeper.

You must navigate the emotional wounds, the body disconnection, the mind rambling,
the fear, and then drop your partner into his sacred cock.

Choose to RECEIVE his penetration in complete surrender.
Draw the energy straight to your heart and cycle it back to his heart.

Hold him in your arms as you cradle him.
You are both his mother and his lover, resetting the war that lives in his cells.

Remember to worship him.
Hold his member in prayer.
Fall deeply in love with his body.
Kiss his shaft, and when you take him inside of your mouth,
plug him into your heart.

Connect with rapture.

Apologize for his circumcision.
Apologize for the women who manipulated him before.
Wash away the shame he feels for his primal nature and remind him to TAKE YOU with that power, with your permission.

If you are a Sex Priestess,
You will also have the tools to worship your sisters.
To lay your head on their wombs and to kiss their bellies.
This is not sexual, this is sensual.
To re-ignight the passion they know in their cells and rid them of their own time at war.

There are steps that must be mastered to be a Sex Priestess.
Those of you who just are, remember being taught these steps before.

You are on a mission, guided by HER, to link Men to Source through the body.

And when you have embodied these tools,
SHE will send you on a journey to smash the patriarchal taboos that suffocate men and women.

Everything you do from now on, will threaten the order of a fear based society.

Walk in your Power sister.
Know who you are and why you are here.

The divine feminine is RISING


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