** Lilith Speaks about Birth: **

“Before the shift to the one GOD~ there was the Goddess.

The Whole & Holy Wombman.

She is the Sacred Whore~
in service to the “whole” that connects us.
And the Guardian of the “hole” between the worlds.

It was when woman was told that she was PART of a whole…

Just as I was told to lie beneath Adam.

And Eve was created from Adam’s rib…

that women lost their ability to open their wombs.


In truth, no man completes a woman.
Nor can a woman complete a man.
We are each whole.

And our desire to explore and experience pleasure is truly our birth rite.

But if we believe we are parts, we will begin to control each other.

& when a man controls sex, he controls birth ~

Then the web of birth and death goes out of balance.


Today, too many women go to the hospitals because they have given their wombs away.

Though, they never learned that their wombs are their own in the first place…

To change this-

Women must learn to dance with the sexual energy currents that run through their bodies~

They must connect with the spirit children living in the stars with a complete trust of the web of LIFE and DEATH….

Birth is the portal between the worlds after all.

Women must own their own bodies.
Until then, women will continue to give their bodies away…

just as their mothers have done…

and their mothers…

all the way back to the “original sin.”



In deep gratitude I ask Lilith another question.

“Why is childbirth painful?”

Lilith Responds:

“When Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge,
God punished women to have painful child births.

We are told in the Bible-
that when we challenge “GODs” authority, we will have consequences.

But remember that all myth is metaphor….
& this is a riddle that has a deeper meaning.

In the shift of ages we moved into an era built on controlling each other.

When a woman remembers that she is whole,
aka- when she eats from the Tree of knowledge-

She reclaims her body.
she is able to undulate her hips in a way that allows her life force to pass through.

She no longer feels shame for her nudity, or her blood, or her wild primal aspects….

She knows she is free to do with her body what she pleases.

For that woman, childbirth can still be uncomfortable but it should not cause the immense pain we see today.

But please know sister!

A lot has happened since original sin.

Every woman’s womb holds the lineage, trauma and karma of her ancestors.

All the way back to Eve.

There is a lot to unravel!
& the new children born~
will be born the way they need to be, in order to keep unraveling this matrix.

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. Trust the web.”


Thank you Lilith <3
~ In Her Service 😉


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