I was once taken by the Goddess.

And while she was in me,
She taught me how to dance rooted.
She taught me how to make my sex, my own.
She taught me to worship my blood.
She reminded me to open my mouth when I give birth…
so that my WOMB will open to let new life begin.

And she said that death is a part of life, and everything cycles.

She taught me the importance of circle.
She taught me the importance of ceremony.
She taught me about ritual and rites.
She told me that my womb is where my wisdom lives.

She guided me to touch a thousand women.
And while she was in me, I traveled with my Red Tent to help women REMEMBER HER.

One day…
She left.
I invited her to leave, or course.

If I was to grow, and to heal my core wounds… I needed to embody MYSELF.

The RETURN is not for the faint of heart. The veil has been removed from my eyes, and I must be brave if I’m going to speak about what I’ve learned.

Someone who has been changed by spirit, and can share her story with others.


I, Aurora Rae FaeTerra, have been touched with the magick that you bring.
You have brought me many moments of joy and celebration.

Now comes the time for me to create that magic for others.

In the name of your 10,000 names…
Primal Earth Mother as well as Diana, Inanna, Lilith, Sehkmet, Hera, and mother SHAKTI. In the name of my blood line, every woman who has lived under one GOD, but knew that they are GOD. And all my fore-mothers who fought against the patriarchy.

I Aurora FaeTerra, vow on this day, November 18th, to share the magick that has been so generously given to me. I promise to be a Keeper of Magick for every person you guide me to meet.

I will follow my belly. And just like the Priestesses of the Goddess before me, I promise to keep the lessons YOU instilled in me ~ Alive.

I promise to faithfully serve. And I name myself “FAETERRA” ~ Magick on Earth.



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