Mary looked at Jesus ♀<3 ♂
His face was beaming.
His eyes were cool and kind.
His heart radiated from his being, showing her unconditional love.

Mary had never known unconditional love.
She was loved by the Goddess.
And as a Priestess of Isis ~ she was in devoted service to the Divine Feminine’s mission.

But…. she had never known LOVE that needed nothing from her. To be a Priestess, the love she felt was based on the condition that she show up for her duty.

But with Jesus, He didn’t love her as an exchange.

Yes, he knew that they had important work to do.
And Mary was trained in the arts of sexual alchemy,
that helped him resurrect after his crucifixion.

But that’s not why he loved her.

** Jeshua loved, just to LOVE **

He loved Mary for her smile.
And he loved her when she frowned.
He loved that she was a Priestess.
But he would have loved her, if she was not.

Whether she was a queen or a peasant.
Whether she was beautiful or ugly.
Whether she was kind or cruel.

He loved her without condition.
And that LOVE transformed her.

From a Priestess in Service to the Goddess,
into the Goddess herself.


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