I’ve watched spirituality debilitate people.
I’ve watched it disconnect people from their sex, from their authentic expression, and from their art.

I’ve watched raw food movements create eating disorders. And people judge each over who is more “pure.”

I’ve watched spirituality create rigid rights and wrongs-  that are so similar to puritanical religious ethics,
that people are terrified of going to “yoga hell” if they don’t use non-violent communication.

I’ve watched massive “darkness” shaming and shanti music chanting. I’m intrigued to watch people sing about love while suppressing core pain.

And, although I believe yoga and eastern spirituality coming to the west is one of the best things that has happened to our country.

We are still left with people who distrust their authentic expression, shame their emotions, fear “negative energy,” and continuously cleanse to be good enough for their own beliefs.

The spiritual movement was meant to help us heal, but for many it has created separation. Judgement. Distrust. Constraint striving.
And fear of our own human nature.


I’m immensely spiritual. Though my spirituality does not look like the spirituality I just described.

I don’t subscribe to right and wrong, or good and bad based on heady constructs and “don’t rock the boat” mentality.

I trust my body is a compass. And sometimes the most conscious connections are the most messy.

I won’t avoid the chaos and the darkness. These experiences are essential for my evolution.

Even if the experience hurts.
This is how I learn.
This is human.

From what I can see-
Embracing our human would lead to far less shaming and more embracing of each other.

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