Dearest Goddess,
It is amazing how misunderstood you are.

I have been trying to explain you to others,
speaking in today’s terminology- so they can understand you.

I have been studying emotional release work, midwifery, sexual empowerment practices, belly dance… modern day Shamanism, Wicca, and Tantra.

I have been taking your information that lives in my womb,
and trying to make it tangible for this western society.

But now… I am censoring myself.
I’m becoming more and more aware of the systems around me.

I wonder how much men and women~
raised in this religious, capitalistic, fear based society can actually take in? ?

I know I need to trust that I speak for you for a reason.
I want to let women know that they are Priestesses!

Long ago in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
women understood the importance of our feminine soul.

We knew our bodies are sacred.
We knew our blood is powerful.
We knew our ability to give birth is divine.
We knew our sex is important.
We knew that as we age we gain wisdom.
We were proud of our voluptuous feminine bodies.
And we expressed our voices POWERFULLY!

We were the guides for the community.
The Teachers of Sacred Sex.
The Shamans for Death.
The Midwives for Birth.

We would dance naked under the moonlight, proudly and wildly as Primal women!

I need to have faith that women will remember.
And that times are ready to change.

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