🌙 Inanna’s Descent was a choice.

And so I fell…
To experience the way my mother gave too much of herself.

To understand why i’d put myself in a cage.

To feel pressured into having sex, because I’m married.

To be uncertain of my own sexual radiance.

To seek the approval of other wives and mothers,
Including my own mother and grandmother.

To feel safety in being like everyone else, living in the mundane.


And now I RISE….

& I remember

The power in my body,

The fire behind my voice,

The inspiration in my creativity,

The truth of my wild nature,

The purpose of my sovereignty,

The meaning behind desire,

& I Remember~
who a Wife & Mother can be now.

This is my return journey.
One of many to come.

For my sisters & brothers-
Let’s remember that we are connected.

There is meaning to our forgettings.

The decent is essential to clear out the pain from our past
& to become solid in our truth.

We are doing this work for our mothers.

We are doing it for every ancestor who was raised in patriarchal times.

Their memories live in our cells.

We can’t hold onto our light & enter the darkness.

We must forget everything we have learned –
that empowered us before.
So we can find the true strength inside.

We need to choose to remember our magick and to be strong enough to live by our majesty.

We need to trust in the road map that lives in our bellies~

And know that after each clearing-
that map guides us back to our truth.

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