I wanted a Tantric lover
Someone to alchemize with

He would be the sun to my moon
And together we would be whole

I didn’t realize that in our agreement,
our shadows would be revealed.

We illuminate each others weaknesses,
First Purging the easiest waste…

Then simply holding space –
for the hardest shadows in each other.
Praying that they will move in the each other’s timing. 

…. 🌀

Through my marriage, 
I learned that Tantra
Is about each one of us finding our wholeness,

While acknowledging that we are complements of each other.

The ideals of the sun and the moon end quickly, when we think we can live our own life as one or the other. 

It’s like, expecting our partner will be our legs to walk. Our needing the other to express our emotions.

It doesn’t get us far. 
☀️ 🌙

I’ve also learned that becoming an alchemical couple is not just being:

“Mary Magdalene and Jeshua”
Like the Priestesses of the Rose Path 🌹 would have us believe

🐍 It’s being Lilith and Adam healing our wounds from the Garden of Eden

🔻It’s being Isis and Osiris, 
As we reclaim pieces of ourselves.

🔥 It’s being Hades and Persephone stuck as King and Queen of the underworld

🌈 It’s being Shiva and Shakti embodying all 10,000 faces. And yet! We are still compliments holding hands. 

And yes,
🌹 It’s being Jesus and Mary too. 

Each face has its place on the WHEEL.
And so each face will have its time within a relationship.

☀️ 🌙 🌈

Since I got married and had a child,
I’ve dedicated myself to understanding Alchemy.

And in doing so,
I need to face shadows… and not run away from them.

(I’m a Sagittarius Rising and a Venus in Virgo, I definitely want to run away from shadows.)

But in my grind,
I’ve realized that I can’t idealize –

that my tantric partner should be my “perfect partner.”

Disney has Died.
My partner is now the person I’ve picked to walk with.

I’m willing to witness him in his darkness. Even when it hurts me too.

It’s a choice. 

Not a destiny. 

And it is work. 

What do we get from this work?

We learn Unconditional LOVE ❤️ 
And about REAL, hard earned LOVE!

We learn healthy boundaries,
and also the importance of surrender
or when sacrifice is necessary.

And we come to an Acceptance ~

that allows us to live on planet earth, as it is.

There is peace there.

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