I want to say thank you to the simple women, who never ~
ask too many questions.
Always do what they are told.
Try to fit in.
Speak when they are spoken to.

Thank you! for never challenging motherhood.
Or your husband Or your workplace.

Thank you for being so pleasant~ xoo …

It doesn’t bother you ~
that the world continuously puts you into boxes.
That you are rarely appreciated.
That you are often projected upon
& that you are used as a tool.

Men have taken over every institution, and you try to join in.

You don’t feel the other women SCREAMING.
Because of the destruction of nature,
the dismantling of our communities,
the desecration of women’s spiritual practices,
the war on our bodies…

… Sister, I wish I more like you….
But I’m afraid that’s impossible.

I always hear them screaming!
I watch the imbalances.
I spend every waking moment triggered
and challenged by a world that does not make sense to me.

I’m a walking time bomb,
blowing up the realities of people trying to conform.

I’m sorry I’m not safe. But I’m REAL.


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