Whenever I get self-righteous or high and mighty.

Whenever I am judgmental and want to push people away for not being “good enough.”

I remember when I felt absolutely insane.

I’ve had periods of time in my life when I couldn’t get out of bed or support myself.

I’ve had periods of time when my social anxiety was so intense, I hid out for days.

I use to go to therapy and was offered medication.

One of my most profound learning experiences was choosing “crazy” over “sanity.”

I chose not to take prescription pills~  because I didn’t want to be normal!

I wanted to bask in being abnormal.

Because what other’s call “abnormal,” allows me to feel fully ALIVE.

As i remember these complicated times,
I cannot judge anyone~

We are all on our WILD journey of self-discovery.

I watch everyone~
As they walk walk two steps forward and one step back,
Dancing in Life’s Merry Go-ROUND.

I hold space.


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