I am a devotee to the Goddess.

And the Goddess is usually misrepresented.

You wont find her truest form in religion,
even those created in HER name- like Wicca.

And you can’t find HER in doctrines,
where you are told how to pray and what is holy.

The Goddess is not label-able.
She is not formable.
She lives in the darkness, so she may shine her bright light.

The Goddess lives in everything we are afraid to say.
She is in our passions and desires that have been shamed.
She is in our voice,
every time someone tells us we are talking to loud.

In a perfect world,
The Goddess is who we are ~ when we are tapped into our inner knowing.
For men, he is GOD, the truest part of himself.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman.
When we are connected to HER,
We are connected to our bellies, and tapped into our core.

We find the Goddess in our DANCE.
In our ART.
In our MUSIC.

We find HER in our SEX.
In our Conceptions.
In our Births.

In our HEARTS.
In our POWER.

The Goddess is marked by divine feminine energy.
An energy that has been out of balance in our world for a very long time.

That’s why I host events that support embodiment,
so that we may harmonize the masculine and feminine dynamics in our world.

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