FLOWING WITH THE WAVES is an incredible way to make love.

Flowing with the waves of emotion.

Flowing with the waves of the *in and out* breath.

Flowing with the waves of vulnerability.

Flowing in the fullness of the experience.

When I make love to Adam,
I often remind him to slow down & to link with my breath.

My reminder can be as simple as touch on the back of his head,
while I gaze into his eyes.

And without words
I ask him to listen to my breath,
which is slow and rhythmic.

Our bodies are 60% water.
And if you ask me,
a woman’s womb is 100% fluid.

Emotionally and energetically,
the womb is all water. It is rhythmic.
And moves at the pace of waves.

The build up toward orgasm is fluid.

Sometimes when we feel disconnected,
I ask Adam to imagine he is making love to me at the ocean.
He thrusts when he hears the waves reach the shore.

And these waves are represented by my in and out breath.

When we are connected by the breath, we are linked into each other like magnets.
And a strong sexual alchemy can take place.



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