Being a Witch is an interesting thing ….

“Woman in Total Control of Herself”

“Wild and Intuitive Tantric CUNTsultant and Healer”

A Woman who wills her own destiny~

A Woman who lives as a reflection of nature.

A Woman who visions alternative realities.

A woman who heals

And what has fascinated me most about us,
Is that there are so many types of us!

Star-Witches, Temple Priestesses, Old School Solitary witches, Black cloaked Wiccans, Tantric Educators, Wild Woman Artist Witches, New World Activist Witches, Yogic Fusion Witches, Herbalist Witches, Mermaidens & Musical Sirens, Old Ways Pagan, Birthing Mother Goddesses, mainstream Bridgers and Shapeshifters ….

We are all devotees of the Goddess.

But not every Goddess circle ~
is for every type of witch.

The journey to discovering your type of magick is uniquely yours.

And finding your community
is like looking for your own finger print.

We are each very special.

But when you find YOUR Coven-
It’s like- finding the other pieces of you.

And you know your place in the Web.


For all the sisters who have danced with me under the MOON…
Thank you for being my kind of witch.

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