Dearest Sister,
You are invited to

A Sensual Movement Experience and
Re-WILD-ing Playground

This is a movement space that’s here to hold the storms of your feet
and the rhythms of your heart,
as we journey through the feminine landscape

We are wild women gathering together
in a Balinese Treehouse Temple, nestled in Kula

Making space to tap into the thundering currents within us
Allowing them to stir and to rouse us
Returning to the body temple
And reveling in the gifts of the feminine

In honoring the many faces of SHE,
these guided sensual journeys
will also ebb and flow with HER cycles

offering us a full spectrum environment to sink into, so we may discover
our waxing and waning nature

The New Moon journeys
will be softer and support more of an inward exploration of subtlety and slow expanse

The Full Moon journeys
will offer a wider range of musical energies,
lending itself to possibilities for bigger movement and more expression

This is your playground, goddess,
to burn all convention and to come alive

You’re invited to wear clothing that feels comfortable and liberating to you

Something that feels exciting on your skin!

Some days may feel like lingerie and leggings
Or colorful robes, tassels and tutus.

Other other days may feel like cozy sweaters and sweatpants, bralettes and shorts

It’s all welcome 💕

We meet on Sundays
of each New Moon and Full Moon 12-2pm

in our Balinese TreeHouse Temple
Pictured Above

Please Bring:
* Your Yoga Mat and a Pillow
* Items you wish to add to our Collective Altar
* A Blindfold if you desire it

“Gathering in dance circle, feminine energy can be amplified and heightened until everyone feels the Goddess within them shake.
She remembers who she is and that this is where she belongs.”

In Love and Magic, Alindrina and Aurora xoxo

To reserve your space please send payment via Venmo to Alindrina @AlindrinaZ
8 Spots available

Our Address is 15231 Haleakala Hwy, Kula Hawaii

 This address will take you to our mailboxes. To get to our house, please click this link for step by step directions to our home

Event Details

This event finished on 25 February 2024

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