Happy Valentines Day!

On this special day, we invite couples to dive deep into their intimacy,
explore their senses and celebrate each other.

Please Bring:
* Cushions & Pillows to make a Nest
* Altar Objects

We will provide ritual supplies:
* rose petals, honey, coconut oil, chocolate and more!

In our sacred space,
We will hold the container for you and your partner to adore one another.

* This practice will open your heart.
* It will remind you of how grateful you are for each other.
* Your depth of love will GROW.

Exercises may include
– Eye Gazing
– Heart Holding
– Communication practices
– And other fun and creative forms of connecting with each other

What else to Bring:

You are welcome to snacks for puja.
Dried Fruit, Chocolate, and berries are great to add to ceremony.
You can bring your own coconut oil if you desire.

Cost $44 per couple
You must RSVP because we have limited seating

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