Welcome Fathers!

You are invited to our father’s circle! Around the fire at FaeTerra House.

Utilizing a talking stick we will talk about our journey as fathers, and bond in a way that solidifies us as friends, as well as uncles for our keiki.



This gathering is part of a circuit.
We are hosting a mothers circle as well.
The fathers circle is once a month and the mothers circle is once a month, on alternating half moons.

Click this link to RSVP for the mothers circle.


To make these gatherings as convenient as possible,
when the fathers meet in circle the mamas are invited to meet at Kula Park with the kids.

Meeting at the park is optional,
but Aurora will be there waiting for the mamas and keiki!


This Event is Free. Space is Limited.


Carpooling is encouraged.
If you are going to both the circle and the park, we suggest you use one car and drop each other off.

Click here to get Directions to our house.

* Firewood 🪵
* Offerings for the fire 🔥 to burn

Event Details

This event finished on 15 October 2022

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