Join us for Adam’s 41st birthday.

It’s a TOGA PARTY! With kids.

Saturday November 11th at 12pm

Wear a TOGA!
Don’t make it complicated.
Just wrap a sheet around you,
or cut holes into a pillow cover.
A sarong works too!

Bring a bottle of red wine
and/ or things to add to a charcuterie board:
Grapes, cheese, apples, crackers, hummus, veggies, meats… whatever inspires.

Adam worships the God Bacchus,
and he loves wine!
His favorite wine is a Malbec,
but all red wine is welcome.
You can also bring juice for the kids!

RSVP if you or your family is coming
When you arrive, text Adam so he can help you park 951-239-2027

O yeah!
Here are YOUTUBE links that show you ~ how to turn a sheet into a TOGA:
Or you can wear a sarong.


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