It’s too fast,”

I said ~ as he was rubbing my clit like a running motor.

Motors don’t just start, they need to be warmed up.
And I need to be turned on.

Slowly”… I said.

I caressed my inner labia, barely touching my clit~
and brought the energy to my heart.

Wash me with it.”

Again, I showed him,

touching my clitoris I washed myself with the sexual energy,
coating my belly, my heart and my breasts.

Breathe me 

Breath is where spirit lives.
Through breath, we tie each other together~
coating each other, in each other.


He touched my opening with the tip of his penis.
I held him, and slowly guided him in.

Each delicate movement inward, is paired with a breath that ties us together.

In slow, rhythmic waves~ paired with breath and heart beat~
the souls learn how to merge with each other. Swimming in each other’s seas.


It is essential that the lips stay connected.
My mouth is a reflection of my womb space,
and when the mouth is open and receiving, the womb is open too.

Wash me with it” I say again, “Bring the energy to my heart.”

With a few slow thrusts, he washes me with our sexual energy.

The excitement of this turns him on,

and he realizes he is going to cum.

He pauses, afraid to release too early.

But I remind him “It’s OK to cum.” “Your pleasure is my pleasure.”

It’s better to roll with energy, than stop it in its tracks.
The spiritual sexual energy has a life force -that our minds should not control.


Lips locked, yet open ~ so we may breathe each other’s breath,
He ejaculates inside me and I breathe the seed into my heart.

Ejaculation, is not the end of love making.

It is an interlude.

His orgasm created an energetic current, that I could now wash him with.

~~ Bringing his orgasmic current up from his genitals and into his heart.

We washed his chest, his arms, his face… with our love.

& without expectation of it- this energy bath aroused him.

Although he was half soft,
we continued to make love at rapid and rhythmic intervals.

Cycling with passion and primal pleasure.
Breath. Cycle. Merge. Surrender.

When I came, he came with me. And the orgasm filled my body.

He washed me. Bringing the energy up to my heart.

We ended in eye gaze and deep embrace.


Too many people think that passionate & primal love making needs to begin that way.

Most people turn to adrenaline to create their current for connection.
But doing so, looses the depth.

I’ve also heard many men tell me,
“A woman wants a hard cock that lasts a long time!”

No. A woman wants a connected cock that knows how to be vulnerable, and truly feels her.

Early ejaculation is only part of the story.

Ejaculation can be an interlude.
One moment of excitement for both partners, within a much more expansive love making scene.


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