Does my art matter… if it’s just for ME?

When I paint, I consider what will be most popular.
When I dance, I want to capture it on camera.
When I say something witty, I feel it needs to be written down for someone else to read.

And I wonder,
Is my creative impulse only for other people’s benefit?

No, it can’t be!

Because every time I create for OTHERS, a part of my soul dies.

I still work on my book to be published.
I compile my videos to be sold for educational use.
I am creative, just to teach other people how to be creative…

Because I’ve been taught to believe,
my worth is in how much I can give.

10 years of hosting workshops later,
I’m having trouble tapping into my own creative style.
It’s been watered down and washed away-
to be more digestible for my target audience.

“But you’re Famous!”
“You’re parents approve of you now!”
“You’re making money.”
“You are helping people!”

I’m loosing myself….
Every time I get to this point.
I DESTROY everything I’ve built … to re-claim me.


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“The Purpose of Art is Washing the Dust of Daily life off our Souls.”
~ Pablo Picasso

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