“I saw you decided to live out of your car to go mobile. I plan on doing the same…
How do you find partners that are okay with you leaving them?”


I have to laugh.

You know what? I’ve been nomadic for 7 years.

I have had every unconventional, out of the box, new paradigm relationship imaginable.

To the point where I usually tell people, I’ve been single for 7 years.

But- I forget that when other people are single, they go on dates, then try to find a partner.

Where as I…. I have many magickal beloveds who I see when I’m in their city.
We have an unspoken agreement that we come together to heal and to liberate each other.
We have sex to celebrate each other. And then I’m off again….

The men I attract know I’m “Married to the Goddess.” Which means, I’m married to my spirit mission.
I’m married to my own soul.

Of course, they carry their own magick as well.

So- to respond to you:

“How do you find partners that are okay with only seeing you sometimes”

I reply:

Because I date people who believe in me.


I’d like to share that i’ve been in love with a few men over the years.

None of them, I’d choose to limit my nomadic lifestyle for.

Except one.

There was one man, who at first sight, I was very happy to give up my other partners for.
I’d move across the world to worship him. To channel my light into him.
So I may heal his sexual wounds and he can tap into his God Self.

Because… that’s how it works for “Goddess Women.”

You see, each of us is married to our own soul.

Sometimes our soul is spread out among many men.

And, sometimes its mirrored in one man.

It’s not a rational choice. It’s a soul alchemy. A full body knowing.

Beyond traditional boyfriend/ girlfriend bullshit that lead to questions like:

How do you find partners that are okay with only seeing you sometimes?

If he’s the one- you are never apart.

And if he isn’t the one. Then choose yourself.



Id like to tell you my full body knowing brought me the fairy tale.

It didn’t. We broke up.

But! in breaking up my soul was shattered and spread among hundreds of beloveds.
In the form of men and women as I went on tour.

In conclusion,

My partners know I’m magick.

And they are OK with seeing me sometimes.

So they can receive the blessing 🙂

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