A letter from the Buddha’s son, to his father Siddhartha (The Buddha)

Dear Dad, Mom’s been struggling since you’ve been gone.The Kingdom has lost its leader. And I’m without a father.

While you’ve been meditating under a Bodhi Tree, War has struck the nation.

Mom has become both my mother and my father. She has lost her support system and she is in a depression.

ॐI know that you inspire many people with your spiritual beliefs. But honestly, all you’ve taught me is that I can escape my responsibilities, while corruption still exists.

In the name of “Enlightenment” Men are not protecting their families. Men are choosing celibacy rather than taking wives. They escape into the cosmic void, rather than work to make governmental systems better.

Mom became our Queen. But I’m watching her struggle. Our culture doesn’t support female leadership.

She can no longer provide me the emotional nurturance I need.

These are dire times. And you are absent for all of it, sitting under a tree. Calling it “NOW.”

ॐ I want to let you know that when I am King, I will rule strong.

I will not abandon my wife and my son and call it “ENLIGHTENED.”

When I am king, I will inspire men to LEAD from their hearts. And to be grounded in their power. Because it is this strength that will change the word.

Dad, thanks for showing me~ that I want to live in the world, not escape from it. I believe in our active participation.

Thank you for the lessons. Blessings, Prince Rahula (Buddha’s Son)


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