Listen to the audio to learn about
Alternative Feminine Health Care Services!
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Our love. Our ability to connect with others. Our ability to nurture.

Our authenticity. Our truth. Our ability to reveal ourselves to others.

“The Divine Gateway.” Our connection to the cycles and rhythms of life.
Our ability to embrace our own femininity.


When these three body parts are healthy, they keep a woman vibrant!

When they are neglected,
She becomes sick.
She feels mentally unstable
& her sexual life force dwindles.


In our culture, it’s normal to neglect breast care, belly care and womb care.

Instead, our doctors prescribe hormone balancers and mood stabilizers…
or laxatives and birth control pills…

There are alternatives to this.

Listen to the attached audio~
& come in for a “CUNTsultant” session!
Tell me your womb story, and we’ll tap in~
to address the physical, emotional and spiritual components
of your health.

visit us at FaeTerra.com and EmbodiedFertilityArts.com


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