Dearest Atreyu,
I have chosen you,
my son ☀️ ,
for this hero’s journey.

It will not be easy.

It will have hard knox.
There will be heart breaks.
But there will also be ecstasy.

The world is confused and backward.
Many people do not see the light.

I will guide you to see this,
I will guide you to bring some light to those who do not see.

Connect with your Mother.
She is a seer
Speak to her about your journey

Find Strength with your Father
He is a spear for this new world,
and an anchor in dark times.

Then, you will need to walk your journey alone.

Alone is where you will gather your keys to unlock doors.

Know, that there will be many doors.
Choose wisely.
For each door unlocks a different reality.
And often, you cannot go back.

My hope Atreyu,
is that you will follow me.
To fight the monsters and provide more safety for the people.

It is your choice.
You are chosen.
And strongly Advised.

In Mental Strength,
Your Goddess ATHENA

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Anonymous · April 12, 2024 at 9:21 am

Beautiful x

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