In the abyss of solitude, I found myself enveloped by the darkness of despair, suffocating beneath the weight of abandonment. Yet, amidst the echoes of loneliness, I discovered a resilience born from the depths of my own solitude, a glimmer of light guiding me through the shadows.

~ Myself

Alone in the abyss of solitude, your absence reverberated like thunder in a vacant sky. As I traversed the desolate landscape, I found myself trapped in a relentless cycle of investigation, interrogation, and pressure, pushed to the brink of my endurance. Yet, amidst the turmoil, you were nowhere to be found—no support, no solace, just the haunting echo of your absence.

I faced the onslaught of legal battles, the weight of a federal lawsuit bearing down upon me, threatening to crush the very foundation of my existence. My livelihood crumbled beneath the weight of scrutiny, and the walls of our once-beloved home seemed to close in, suffocating me in their oppressive embrace. Forced to relinquish the sanctuary we had built, I watched as our dreams turned to dust, scattered by the winds of misfortune.

Alone and abandoned, I stood at the precipice of despair, grappling with the devastation wrought by forces beyond my control. With each passing day, the burden grew heavier, the shadows darker, and you, oblivious to the tempest raging within, remained distant and detached, consumed by your own world.

In the wake of chaos, I was left to pick up the shattered fragments of our shattered life, piecing together a semblance of normalcy amidst the ruins. Yet, as the dust settled and the scars of battle began to fade, I realized that our union had become nothing more than a distant memory—a casualty of neglect, of abandonment, of a love that withered and died amidst the storm.

Forced to confront the harsh reality of our fractured bond, we walked separate paths, our hearts heavy with the weight of what once was. As I reflect on the trials endured and the battles fought, I can’t help but acknowledge the bittersweet truth: in losing you, I found myself—alone, yet resilient, broken, yet unbroken, forged in the crucible of solitude, a survivor of the storm that ravaged our once-shared horizon.


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