The Priest stands at the pulpit in his white robe. As he gives his sermon, he is in this moment the incarnated embodiment of Jesus Christ.

His WHITE robe signifies his purity, his freedom from sin… and his connection to the divine white light that links us to GOD.

But should a Priestess of the Goddess wear white, too?

In Tantra and the most ancient traditions of alchemy, GOD wears white and the Goddess wears RED.

This is because SHE is the embodied aspect of the divine.
When GOD is in heaven, She is of the Earth.
When God is the Light, She is the Dark.
When he is the Semen, She is the Blood.

Together, these two aspects create source consciousness.

And ~
For those who worship HER ~
She reminds us not to look to the divine above… but within.

For within the walls of HER red womb~ she feels HER connection to her ancestors.

She wears Red, to match the color of Mary Magdalene’s robes.
Red to represent the passion and wildness of women who were burned at the stake.
Red, like the apple eaten by Eve.
Red, like our moon blood.
Red, like the root chakra, the symbol of embodiment.

So when a Priestess facilitates a ceremony on behalf of the Goddess, she wears RED~ this is the color of her power… of her HERstory… of her blood lineage.
RED reminds everyone that she is the complementary counterpart to the male GOD.


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