Let’s Sit around the fire~ my brothers and sisters~
and learn the stories of the Mother and the Father.

The Mother, the Great Goddess, is felt in the Earth.

Her flowers bloom ~
in her fertile times.

And her flowers wither~
at her time of death.

Like the * MOON *
The great mother reminds us that all things cycle- including ourselves.

In life, we cycle from birth, child, parent, elder, and then death

The Mother helps us as we shift and change.

She asks us to take care of ourselves and others.
To celebrate our own fertility, and to delve deep when times are hard.

All HAIL the Mother, whose cyclical¬† embodiment is mirrored in every woman’s womb.


The Father, our GOD, is felt in * The SUN *

His rays shine upon us-

* Protecting us
* Providing for us
* Supporting us

It is because of the Sun, that Mother Earth is able to provide us abundance.

It is because of the SUN, that we see beyond the Dark.

Let us celebrate the Father, our SUN , to hold the mother’s container so she may cycle from season to season.

All HAiL the Father ~ and that which drives manifestation.

The loving counterpart to the deep, intuitive MOON.


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