10 things I’m choosing to embrace while pregnant.
(And forever after!)

1. Live by PLEASURE!
You’re pregnant. (Sorry Control Freaks)
Life is short. Eat foods that makes you feel juicy!
And life will become more juicy.

2. Embrace your curves.
You are the Goddess incarnated on this planet!
Mother Earth herself is voluptuous ~ so that she can create life!
Rock your jiggly parts! You are not a Barbie doll.

3. Get well acquainted with reality.
Figure out what you can change, and what you can’t.T
hen surrender.
Please warrior mama, find acceptance in the “so below.”

4. Birth is not a competition.
You don’t get a medal for having your natural child birth.
And you don’t get denounced from your goddess rankings because you birthed in the hospital.
There are no studies that say you become a better mother because of how you birth.

5. Find joy in your BE-ing-ness.
Baby is going to make you ** calm the fuck down **
and become very present.
This is when you’ll discover the world’s lost feminine pieces ~
that are needed for a healthy humanity.

6. Open your heart and have compassion for the madness all around you. Be the change.

7. Laugh at the Patriarchy~ as you remember you gave birth to them!
(As women give life, we can also take it away.)

8. Choose to be messy. Labor can be painful.
Blood, sweat and tears are involved.
Emotions can be erratic. You are fully, and undeniably WOMBMAN.
Cyclical and always changing like the moon.

9. You earned those warrior stripes!
Wear your stretch marks with pride~ (the physical and emotional.)
Birth didn’t just stretch your body- it also stretched your soul.

10. Know that you are part of a web that connects
women’s birth stories since the beginning of time.
Women have experienced it all!
They have conquered their deepest fears, and found their truths.

For me….These statements will always hold true ~
Whether I’m pregnant or I’m not.
Life is constantly rebirthing me,And asking me to live my life for me.

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