As I sit in my morning meditation. I am reminded of all that is sacred. I start to connect/reconnect to the magic that exists in every waking moment. As I sit on this stone amongst the black sands. I start to tap into the elements. I am reminded of the great wars far before humans. The ones that created and still today create the true balance amongst us all. That create and destroy all forms of matter.

I first feel into the wind and hear the sweat whispers of the tails of old. As they speak they tell me of the great battle at blacks sands beach. As I sit I feel, I clench my feet into the sand. Drawing in a connection to this great battle. But before the story continues.

The water then crashes onto the shore. Expressing that she is here to cleanse and wash away the pain. She is the endless and relentless energy to never give up and with time all will curcome to the purification.

The sun from out from the clouds then beams its light onto my face. I am drawn upward to gaze but not with my eyes but with my soul. It speaks with warmth and rays of light. Like sparkly glitter dust glistening down my body. I feel safe and held. The sun cuddles me with its warmth. I love cuddling so for me I could be in this warm embrace till the end of time. Then it dawns on me I can. The sun rises each and every day. I must seek it out and give thanks and praise. To honor it, to love it, by giving a piece of my warm embrace back towards the sun.

The water crashes again catching my attention. There is more… Back to the winds tale of battle. I listen with heart, body, and mind wide open. It tells me of the great battle with the life bringing lava and the waters of knowledge. Without the water destruction and no form of life can exist. The water created from the lava the lands and basis for life. I feel the earth sand pull me in and share…

Ok time to try a cartwheel and jump in the oceans water. Till next time. Love and Respect.

Well the spirits took the rest of my writing which explained what happened to me in the water. So I will make it brief, I became part of the battle at blacks sand beach and blood-let into the ocean and on the land. I honor the sacred elements and wisdom. Here is my foot after 5 stitches. Sorry for not giving more details it is now with the spirits as a gift of acknowledgment and awarness to such great power.


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