* Welcome Shakti Dancers *
to our Movement Moonlodge.

This is an ecstatic dance where we celebrate
our women’s rites through our bodies.

Around the world, women come together
on the new moon to shed the old and claim the new.

This is our movement circle!

Come in and be smudged
release what no longer serves you.

Dance to the beat of our base,
and reconnect to the primordial rhythm of your own soul.

We are here to Re-WiLD ourselves!
Shake off the things you need to do for others
and come back to your truest you.


You are welcome to bring Hula Hoops & Blind folds.
We’ll bring Warrior paint and Oracle cards.

If you’d like to bring objects to share on the altar, please do!

Our closing circle will invite reflections.
Then everyone is welcome to share their
like-minded community events.

Come Howl with us!
As if we are dancing under the moon!

We’ll see you on the floor!

OOOO!! P.S. —>

After our dance,
We are keeping the space open for Moon Lodge sharing!
The Moon Lodge is a place where women of all ages
come together to share their stories, and connect deeply.

If you’d like to stay with us for circle,
which may include connection games, oracle cards, and sometimes arts and crafts please do!
If you are new to our Maui community, this a great place to meet friends.


DJ and Movement Maven: Nalani Sunshine
Co-Facilitated by Aurora FaeTerra

Heritage Hall

Dates & Time:
New Moon Time

$15 for dance
$5 donation – when you stay for circle

Gathering in a Dance Circle,
feminine energy can be amplified and heightened
until everyone feels the Goddess within them SHAKE.
She remembers who she is, and that this is where she belongs.”

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