Hi, I’m Aurora! ~
I’m a creative, witchy badass who enjoys using art to explore my inner self.
Through my art, I illuminate what is usually held in darkness.
And I live by our women’s mysteries,
which is about reclaiming the misunderstood aspects
of our feminine nature.

As a daughter of the Goddess, I believe that we are a reflection of nature. We are both light and dark. Primal and Pure.

Nature reminds us that we are WHOLE.
And it is important to explore our shadows to figure out what we have suppressed, so that we may claim our AUTHENTICITY.

My purpose is to use my creativity to help us rebalance our polarities;
our current society holding the masculine pole, and my ART helping us ReWiLD.

(The picture is a collage I made to explore my wholeness.)

Art Witch Circles!
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Being an Art Witch,
I use art as a ritual tool to anchor what I desire in my life.

Through building altars to love, to sex, to birth, to deities, to my ancestors…
to my empowerment and transformation!
I turn what is stale in my life into something more passionate.

Every Art Witch has a
“Book of Shadows.”

This book holds information that usually lives in the shadows.
In this book we record our visions, our recipes, our tools for transformation, and all our notes about what makes us come ALIVE.

I spend a lot of time journaling in my book, and then I use it to make my art pieces.
Check out my BLOG to read entries that I want to share with you!

An activity we may do in Art Witch circle is craft our Books of Shadows, then learn our Her-story as women, the power of intention, and giving voice to our emotions so that we may create an art book that is riddled with AUTHENTICITY.

As an Art Witch, I do not limit myself to visual art.
Art is a way of life.

Whether I’m dancing or writing…
or coming up with a new business concept or choosing to become a mother
(which is the juxtaposition I’m at in my life.)—

My creativity follows me.

Through FaeTerra.com, my husband Adam and I host experiences that reflect an InSpIRED way of living.

~ ☀ ☾ ~
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