Today Adam and I are celebrating winter solstice~
by embodying Jesus and Mary 😉

Winter Solstice is the day of Christ’s crucifixion.
It’s also the day the Horned God resurrects,
and! when Osiris is destroyed to brought back to life by Isis.

These Gods are mythological representatives of the SUN.

Today the sun dies to be resurrected!

So! I’m going to nurture Adam all day. 
I’m going wash his feet and make yummy meal. Get in the hot tub with 🍷wine.

I have rose petals and sweet treats, and lots of other deliciousness to share.

As part of our marriage vows. 
Adam vowed to nurture me every new moon. 
He protects our women’s circle. 
And he supports me – 
as the moon goddess goes into her dark phase.

Once a year, when the sun is in its most vulnerable state, I spend the day nurturing him.

Adam and I choose to live as a reflection of nature.

When we met, I taught him the women’s mysteries. 
& Through embodying this wisdom, we are remembering his GOD codes.

By celebrating the ways of the sun and the moon, Adam and I connect more meaningfully to the Earth’s cycles. 
And to each other!


Watch the Zeitgeist Clip on the Winter Solstice.


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