Are you interested in joining our inner circle?

We are creating a team of community builders, family support counselors and workshop leaders to host gatherings here in Northern Arizona.

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Council Circles have been used for generations by indigenous peoples as a way to connect, to share, to strengthen bonds and to allow for each voice to be heard.

In current days, many are reaching back to these tried and true practices, which offer a more authentic way for each member to participate in the co-creation of their communities. 

The Four Intentions of Council

* Speak from the Heart

– When words come from the heart there is a tangible expansion and connectedness to the circle. Listen deeply to your inner guidance and share it authentically.

* Listening from the Heart

Imagine that the speaker’s words are entering your chest area rather than your ears. Take a breath while holding the image of listening from the heart. Be fully present and receptive to what the offer instead of just thinking ahead to the next thing you would like to offer.

* Being of “Lead Expression.”

Be brief, concise and find a means of expression that that supports both the teller and the circle. Do not distract from the topic or purpose by wandering into a story or hoarding the talking stick. 

* Spontaneity

Ask yourself: Will speaking this serve me? The Circle? The greater good? Be present to the moment and offer your truth.