I woke up with my period.

Red Blood on White Sheets, Is a symbol for my life recently….

I married my husband to merge in our union.

I am the RED blood. He is the WHITE sheets.

“White” represents his mental awareness, his linear nature, his warrior capabilities, his monk like aptitude & his SEMEN!

“Red” represents my nature as a feminine being.

Blood is messy. It stains.
But it’s also a symbol of a woman’s ability to enter the underworld.
And so, it represents our power.

Red Blood reminds women what we are both creation and destruction.
We are cyclical.
We are life and death.

In short, women are DEEP!

And this kind of depth can be messy.


I remind my husband-
Who is “white” and more linear ….

That there is meaning in my depth.
The abstract ways that I feel,
is me feelings ALL the puzzle pieces–
& gathering them.
So that together we can manifest!

I believe that men and women are designed as compliments for a reason.
& I married my husband because I believe in the alchemy of the semen and the blood.

During my blood time, I see & feel more than my husband is able to see or feel.

But my husband can do more than I’m able to do.

I share with him my stories,
and he is able to set clear containers and manifest what needs to happen next.
If we work together,
listening our body wisdom
With honor and respect —
There is nothing in this life we can’t accomplish!


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